8 Days Jungle Survival & White Water Cruising/Rafting Adventures in the Amazon

Come experience some jungle fun with this 8 days jungle survival & white water rafting escapade. This awesome adventure takes you to the remote, pristine Amazon jungle of French Guiana & Suriname, in South America. In one of the most untouched primary jungles in the world, you will witness and experience how to survive from just what the jungle has to offer. Supported by the seasoned jungle survival experts from  Boekme.com , which includes senior local Maroon guides, you will get to witness and experience some of the  basic skills one would need in order to  survive in the Amazon jungle.  You will also enjoy white water cruising (motorized)  through countless raging rapids on the Maroni and Lawa rivers. This is about 400km of cruising.


This is a moderately demanding but fun adventure and it will surely give you something to look back to with pleasure.

The starting point of the adventure is Albina, from where we head up river, in motorized dugout river canoes deep into the jungle. We will be crossing awesomely fierce rapids and splendid waterfalls.After 6 hours of cruising we will reach our base camp along the river bank of the Marowijne river (near the Ndjuka Creek).

The following day we move deeper into the jungle where we will begin the real fun of learning how to live in the jungle. The Boekme guides and local Maroon hunters from the Okanisi tribe will take you through all you will need to know. This is the truly fun stuff. To experience the way the Amerindians and Maroons have survived in the Amazon jungle for thousands of years.


The first few days we concentrate on the  general skills needed to stay alive in the jungle. After this brief period we move deeper into the forest and get into the details of jungle living for the next several days. You will learn among others the following:

  • How to find drinkable water
  • How to purify water
  • How to build a jungle hut/shelter
  • How to set up your hammock
  • How to make traps to catch fish and small animals
  • How to make your own bow and arrows/spears
  • How to hunt with bow/arrows and spears
  • How to make fire to cook and stay warm
  • How to conserve meat
  • How to identify edible plants and fruits
  • How to identify medicinal and bandaging plants
  • How to make natural cordage
  • How to maintain hygiene in the jungle
  • How to handle medical emergencies such as cuts, broken limbs
  • How to build a make-shift raft to cross creeks and small rivers

After the basic orientation you will bring into reality what has been shown to you. Practice makes perfect. For a couple of days, you will be placed in a simulated jungle survival situation. Boekme.com guides will be monitoring everything. There will be daily tasks  to be completed as a group in order to survive in the jungle.

This is where you will experience the practical daily challenges of living in the jungle. You will also endure the difficulties of not having the daily comfort you are used to, of being in a completely different environment, with no mobile phones and very little human contact.

After a few days of jungle fun we return back to the river base camp to begin our white water rafting adventures. We will sail south, all the way to the French Village of Maripa Soula. From that location we will slowly ride the white waters generated by the mighty rapids back to base camp.

Once we return to base camp we party with the locals and then we get ready for our trip back to the industrialized world. Leaving the jungle behind we head back to Albina where  you will board the bus and be taken back to your hotel in Paramaribo, from where you will be able to catch your plane back to your home country.

Travel Dates:  August  29 -Sep 5, 2024

Trip duration: 8 days

When to book: We recommend to book at least 10 weeks in advance.

Group size: 10-15

Price: $1100 per person

Accommodation Type: You will spend most nights during this adventure at a riverside lodge at Gakaba and at least 1 night in the jungle in your own private hammock under the canopy and stars, or in jungle survival sheds!

Internet Access: Not Guaranteed. And you probably will be happy if there is no access. No calls from pesky and jealous coworkers :). After all you came to escape the daily grind, and be one with nature for a bit:)

Who is this trip for:

  • For adventurous individuals who have an interest in the rugged outdoors and nature at its purest
  • For those who do not mind to get wet and dirty, enjoy jungle trekking and  camping on river beaches and banks
  • For those who want to experience living with the bare minimum in the jungle, but still comfortable enough to enjoy it
  • And finally, it is for those who want to experience sleeping overnight in hammocks, in sheds on river banks deep into the Amazon jungle

Please arrive at least one day prior to the start of the trip in Suriname.

Meals (at base camp only)
Local transportation
Camo Apparel/Boots
Travel expenses before and after the trip
Travel medical insurance

*Ensure you buy travel insurance 



Day 1: Departure & River Expedition to Base Camp

. At 8 AM we board the bus in Paramaribo to travel to Albina. A boat will be waiting to take us to base camp at Gakaba. We will make several sightseeing stops along the way including:
  • Apatou, a French village on the right banks of the Marowijne river
  • Langa Tabiki, a large island in the middle of the Marowijne river
  • Gostoe, an island in the middle of the Marowijne river

At our Gakaba base camp (where we will sleep that night), we will have a delicious dinner, drink ice cold beers and party till late with the locals to celebrate your arrival.

Tonight you can choose to sleep in hammocks or bunk beds.


Day 2: Jungle Survival Introduction

After breakfast we check that we have the right gears and issue you specific jungle kit and go through some basic safety lessons. We will also go through all the main skills of handling bow and arrows. In the afternoon we leave the base camp and head into the creek by boat to a more remote spot where we will camp for the night.

 *Throughout  this adventure trip you will sleep in a hammock in a jungle  hut, with meals prepared for you initially. After a few days you will then start to hunt and prepare food for yourselves. Rest assured that if you don’t manage to catch fish or kill game, you still will have plenty of food available to you.


Day 3-4: Surviving in the Jungle

Today we will leave all our comforts behind and head off  deeper into the jungle to live there for 2 days. With just your recently learnt skills to help you, your group will build its own shelter, make fire, hunt for food, and find or purify water. The very basics in order to survive and make yourself as comfortable as you can. Each group will have a few Boekme.com guides to  watch over them and keep it fun. We will go through all the basic skills need to stay alive in the jungle. These include psychological aspects, finding water  and food, building a shelter to protect you against the elements, and making fire. Tonight we will sleep in a freshly built jungle hut.

In the mid morning of the second day we leave the jungle behind and hike back to base camp, where we can wash off the jungle dirt and enjoy a relaxing afternoon and evening at the river lodge


Day 5-6: French Destination Maripa Soula

After breakfast we will leave Gakaba to continue our beautiful adventure. We will visit many villages on the French side of the Lawa river such as Belikampoe, Aboenasonga, Cottica and others. In the mid afternoon we will arrive at the French town of Maripa Soula. We will go on a sightseeing tour of this beautiful town and have some local drinks, snacks and lunch. In the late afternoon we will search for a suitable uninhabited island and build a shelter there to stay overnight. Tonight you will sleep in hammocks. In the morning  of day 6 we will visit Lawa Tabiki  and the  Benzdorp goldmines. In the afternoon we will cruise back to our base camp at Gakaba.

Day 7:Waterfall and Rapids Adventure

  Around 11 AM we will leave basecamp to go on a beautiful river voyage adventure. We will cross large waterfalls and rapids such as Singatete, Manbari and Poeloegoedoe. After that we will cruise to the Maroon village of Poekettie where we will go on a sightseeing tour around the village.  After Poekettie  we will make stops at a large waterfall to enjoy a swim and massage by the rushing water. After some fun in the water we will make our way back to our base camp at Gakaba. If the water conditions are right, the driver will decent some rapids stern-side first, for your enjoyment. Around 6 PM we should arrive at base camp where we will have dinner. We will party till late into the night around a massive campfire where you can roast potatoes, fish, meat and what ever else you want to roast.

Day 8: River Expedition Back to St Laurent/Albina

Today (you are probably a little bit hung over), we travel back to Albina, after enjoying a last breakfast with the base camp team. Along the way we will stop at several beautiful uninhabited islands to have a BBQ lunch. By 5 PM we should be back in Albina, where we will board the waiting bus to Paramaribo. Around 8PM we will be back in Paramaribo.

The remote, pristine Amazonian jungle of French Guyana & Suriname, in South America.