What food will be provided while we are on an adventure trip?

When you are in the city of Paramaribo we will not provide any food. That is because the trip did not begin yet. But once the trip starts, all  meals will be provided by Boekme Adventures. Except for the Jungle Survival Training and Jungle Survival Adventure trips, where we will only provide food when you are at the river lodge at our Gakaba base-camp. Don’t fret though. If you are unable to successfully hunt during the survival trips, the support crew will always have enough food for you.

All meals are cooked on site. Food preparation and cooking will be done by Boekme staff, but you may also join in and help. The following is what a typical day’s meal might consist of:

  • Breakfast: Sliced bread, scrambled egg, bacon, sausages, cheese, pancake, tea, coffee and fruits
  • Lunch: Bread with a selection of fillings cheese, ham,fruit and snacks. Some days rice dish with a variety of meat including BBQ and grilled fish
  • Dinner: Some days rice dish or Indonesian style spaghetti with a variety of meat including BBQ chicken, beef pork and grilled fish. Stir-fry chicken, veggies etc

Kindly keep in mind that is an expedition style jungle base camp. We have limitations with regards to producing meals to cater for individual tastes. The food provided will be more than adequate, but feel free to bring extra provisions if you wish.

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