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We at Boekme Adventures  love the Amazon jungle and want to preserve this beauty of nature for generations to come. The Amazon is our back yard and we want to share its beauty  with the world through responsible and sustainable adventures aka ecotourism.

The powerful rivers that crisscross the mighty Amazon are our highways, and we are happy to showcase them to you as well. Have you ever slept in the virgin jungle far away from the nearest city, in makeshift sheds and hammocks around campfires? We can guide you through that exciting experience.

Our main area of operation is the south eastern part of Suriname, bordering French Guyana, far up the Marowijne, Lawa and Tapanahony rivers, in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Suriname is a small country on the northeastern coast of South America. It is bordered by French Guiana to the east, Guyana to the west, Brazil to the south and the Atlantic ocean to the north . At just under 165,000 square kilometers (64,000 square miles), it is the smallest country in South America. It’s defined by vast swaths of Amazon jungle, Dutch colonial architecture and a melting-pot culture.

The Team

Boekme Adventures was founded by Serita Dobai. The team includes:

Serita Dobai: Founder/Director
Serita is a Financial Accountant by trade, who now runs the day to day financial and general operations.
Otis Kalu : Managing Partner/Foreign Liaison Partner
Otis runs a software development consulting company in Vancouver, BC and helps develop foreign partnerships for Boekme Adventures.
Ronald Erete Tuwo: Managing Partner/Tour Operations Manager
Ronald is an ex-mining engineer who used to work for the local branch of ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America), and IAMGOLD, a Canadian gold mining company. Ronald coordinates and manages all tour operations and tour staff. Ronald serves often as English Translator when there are non-Dutch speaking tour participants. He at times hires part-time English interpreters to serve as translators.
Roger MayerBusiness Partner 
Roger is one of our partners who lives in Hanover, Germany.  He runs the Jaguar Raid Amazon Jungle Survival and Combat Training course.He is ex-military and  a martial arts guru.
 Merco Sanoe: Base Camp Ops Manager 
Merco is the Base Camp  Ops Manager and a  Tour Guide: He used to run a small gold mining business in the jungle. He and a small group of assistants, which include cooks, gardeners/janitors ensure that base camp is well-maintained. Merco is skilled in building jungle survival shelters, bow/arrow/spear fishing and trapping small game for food. He is one of the resources who accompanies jungle survival participants on jungle hikes and survival adventures. Merco and his assistants  are local Maroons.
 Dinka Flamingo
Dinka is ex-military and was a Lieutenant in the Army. He is the head of our small security and jungle guides team. On each tour, three guards/jungle guides licensed to carry hunting rifles accompany our tour participants.  Just like Merco,  Dinka is also a jungle survival expert. He is a local Maroon and knows the jungle  and living/thriving in it extremely well.
 Franklin Lekker Papoe
 Lekker is the lead boat operator. He is skilled in shallow water voyaging and can negotiate the 500km of shallow rivers between the border region of French Guyana and Suriname without problems. He manages 3 other boat operators. Lekker and all other boat operators belong to the local Maroon community.

These folks came together with the goal of creating and operating a small business with an extremely limited ecological footprint, with the objective to keep the beautiful Amazon jungle intact, while also providing some employment to the Maroons and Amer-Indians who live on the banks of the many rivers. You may not be aware of this but the Maroons (the descendants of the people brought from Africa during the slave trade) and the Amer-Indians have been living for hundreds, if not thousands of years in the Amazon jungle. Boekme Adventures works with these very people to help guide you through the jungle and teach you how to survive in it during these trips.

Your inspiring adventure through the jungle starts with rides in dugout canoes to get you far up the river, and subsequently hiking to remote locations in the jungle to experience the beauty and serenity of the Amazon.

Boekme Adventures’ mandate is to provide unparalleled adventures and experiences  in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion, which by far exceeds your expectations. We are following an ecologically sustainable business model and are promoting the importance of being good stewards of what nature has provided us. Boekme Adventures is committed to environmental education, and provides sustainable employment to people in the local community.

Boekme Adventures advocates:

  • Ecotourism development which improves the lives of the local Maroons and Amer-Indian people
  • Preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the local Maroons and Amer-Indian people
  • Preservation and conservation of our beautiful Amazon jungle

Boekme Adventures supports the local Maroons and Amer-Indian communities in various ways including:

  • Employing them as guides and paying them fairly for their services
  • Procuring some of our food from local small businesses
  • Encouraging our travelers to take the opportunity to visit these  local communities on our trips  and to interact with them and collect souvenirs made by them

Boekme Adventures invites you come join us for an exciting adventure on the wild side. Contact us without hesitation for any questions at